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Light Bearer Tattoo

This coming week I shall be working from Light Bearer Tattoo in Graz, Austria as I start my travels around mainland Europe and up into Scandinavia. I will be also working at the Brussels Tattoo Convention  8-10th November which should be fun. There are still appointments available so get in touch to book in!

London Tattoo Convention 2014

I was fortunate enough to work at the London Tattoo Convention this year for which I’d like to say thanks to Miki Vialetto and all of the crew. It was a last minute affair and consequently I didn’t have time to get a banner or much other stuff together to make my booth look nice but I rolled with it and knocked together a purposely näive banner and made the best of it. I haven’t done too many shows in the last few years but had  great time and was kept busy at this very well attended convention chatting to visitors to the booth and tattooing some great customers.  I  hardly had time to visit any other booths or the art exhibitions unfortunately which is a shame since there were so many friends and other sights to see that I missed out on – such is life.

My lovely wife was there assisting me  and taking photographs over the weekend as well as selling her own ‘Wee Dottle’ Hairflowers which were popular amongst the lady attendees. Here are a few photographs from over the weekend and some of the tattoos:

Edinburgh Marriage and Beyond

Well Edinburgh was fantastic. I had a great time guesting back at Red Hot and Blue Tattoo with all of the guys there which is always going to be a home for me after so much time spent there before. Catching up with old clients and also meeting new as well as getting to do some fun tattoos in the process. It was an extremely busy time for me as I had the spectacular luck to have been back home to get married to my wonderful, beautiful partner Kay. She made me the happiest that I can ever be and was the most stunning, perfect bride. As I say I am the happiest I could be – thank you Kay I love you. x

Also thanks to all our friends and family for coming along to celebrate with us – you guys made the party!

As I mentioned I did some tattooing too while organising the wedding so here is a small selection:


I’m in Singapore until 19th July 2013 and still have some appointments so get in touch before I’m gone!

The Prodigal Son Asia and Pattern

So the reason there has been so little activity from me for the last couple of months is because I have been travelling throughout Asia which has been fantastic. I have seen so much and my reference folders are literally bursting with new pictures, from patterns to statues, paintings and architecture. I have been snapping away on my faithful little camera.I’m really fired up and full of ideas I’d like to use when I return to tattooing in the next few weeks.  I thought it might be nice to share at least a few pieces with you all so here are some patterns, mainly floor and ceiling tiles for you to enjoy – I hope you do.

Edinburgh Guest Spot 2013

Ahoy there Edinburgh and other UK folks! I will be back guesting at Red Hot and Blue Tattoo in Edinburgh from 5th August until Mid-September so drop me a line for appointments either on here or ASAP with info of what you want – ref etc and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Korpus Christi

No body of Christ but you’re welcome to bring your body along to Korpus Tattoo, Sparta Place, Brunswick, Victoria to get some “gashes in your flesh or tattoo marks upon you” (as they say in Leviticus 19:28). This is my last spot in Australia so get in fast if you are wanting to see me.


Brizzo Calling

I’m at Seventh Circle in Brisbane from 19th-24th March 2013. There are still spaces left so drop us a line….