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Flying Visits

In the last few weeks I’ve been over to Stockholm to work at Infamous Tattoo Studio which is one of my favourite guest spots as well as my regular guest spot in London and I’ve been busy up in the ‘home base’ – Red Hot and Blue in Edinburgh.  I’ve had folks down from Orkney and further beyond so it’s been flying visits all round. Here’s some of the fruits of my labour.

P1130634_3385-8x10web P1130646_3397web P1130656_3407-8x10web P1130661_3380web P1130737_3376-10x8web P1130742_3298-10x8web P1130755_3290-10x8web P1130766_3279-10x8web P1130770_3272web P1130774_3265web P1130793_3255-8x10web P1130795_3243-8x10web P1130800_3237web P1130812_3231-10x8web P1130814_3233-10x8web P1130817_3236-10x8web P1130822_3224web