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Kalinga Kalinga Geo Bee Ganesh

I had some fun stuff in over the last couple of weeks – I’m really enjoying putting new twists on Filipino Kalinga tribal tattoo patterns. The chest piece is really very influenced by my pal Roxx at 2 Spirit in San Francisco so all due respects to her. I also got to finish up Martin’s Kalinga/Geo sleeve which was a very interesting project – surprisingly both of these pieces were these guys first tattoos – ‘Go big or go home’? Well done fellas!


P1130882_3468.8x10web P1130886_3472.8x10web P1130897_3483.8x10web P1130906_3492.8x10web P1130916_3449.8x10web P1130921_3454.8x10web P1130927_3440.8x10web P1130932_3435.8x10web P1130935_3438.8x10web P1130940_3431.8x10web P1130947_3427.8x10web P1130949_3422.8x10web

P1130824_3539.8x10web P1130837_3531.8x10web