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Couple of Convention updates, I’ll be at the Evian Tattoo Show on 24th-26th October and the Brussels Tattoo Convention on 7-9th November.

Hopefully see you there. Email for enquiries.

Long Distance and Long Sittings

Last week at Lew and Danny both travelled up from down south to get tattooed in Edinburgh.

Lew sat for a whole day to complete his abstract geometric sleeve.

Danny stuck it out for two and a half days for his lady Odin and mandala half sleeve and chest panel, which I was really happy with the result of.

It’s interesting to note that the larger more complex projects are coming from clients travelling from down south, and I reckon it’s time that the Scots step up!
P1130968_3585.8x10web P1130969_3586.8x10web

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Kalinga Kalinga Geo Bee Ganesh

I had some fun stuff in over the last couple of weeks – I’m really enjoying putting new twists on Filipino Kalinga tribal tattoo patterns. The chest piece is really very influenced by my pal Roxx at 2 Spirit in San Francisco so all due respects to her. I also got to finish up Martin’s Kalinga/Geo sleeve which was a very interesting project – surprisingly both of these pieces were these guys first tattoos – ‘Go big or go home’? Well done fellas!


P1130882_3468.8x10web P1130886_3472.8x10web P1130897_3483.8x10web P1130906_3492.8x10web P1130916_3449.8x10web P1130921_3454.8x10web P1130927_3440.8x10web P1130932_3435.8x10web P1130935_3438.8x10web P1130940_3431.8x10web P1130947_3427.8x10web P1130949_3422.8x10web

P1130824_3539.8x10web P1130837_3531.8x10web