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Liverpool 2015

I am down in Liverpool with Richie Clarke Pdc this week (Thursday 16th, Friday 17th & Saturday 18th April).

There are a couple of spaces left so drop me or Forever True Tattoo a line for bookings.FOREVER

Healed Work

Since it was such a long time since I’d done an update (see previous entry) I had customers come back through again giving me the opportunity to see their tattoos all healed and settled in.



Late Updates

My goodness – it has been months since I last posted! I have been busy and was away for most of February in California working at 2 Spirit Tattoo with the amazing crew there and then having a break with my wife on a roadtrip through southern Cali.

Without further ado here is some of the work I have been doing.

20150115_6087Carolina sat very well over a two day period to get this half sleeve done – I’d done the mandala at the back on her shoulder whilst working the Evian Tattoo Convention back in October 2014.
20150118_6073 20150118_6079
20150121_6063 20150122_6059 20150125_6049 20150127_6044 20150128_6041 20150226_6026 20150306_6000 20150307_5996 20150311_5957 20150312_5954


I added the Tudor Rose style piece to Jacks already existing triangle geometric work.20150315_5951 20150329_5930 20150329_5932 20150329_5933

Robin already had a celtic piece at the top of his arm – this was a bit of a thorn in our sides but we just worked into and around it to make one design.20150402_5907 20150402_5913 20150402_5921