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No Apologies

Here is some work…. I’m a bad blogger. Insider is the best thing I ever did….


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Happy New Year – Welcome Insider

Hello and Happy New Year!


I know that is a bit past the sell by date but then I’ve been pretty terrible at this blog yet again but I feel, in some way, that I have some sort of excuse. I’ve been very busy for the last few months setting up my own new private tattoo studio in Leith, Edinburgh which has taken all of my attention and energy but has been totally worth it.

The studio is called and is located at:

Insider Studio,

89 Henderson Street, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6ED


The studio is a wonderful, bright, open space with fantastic views along the Shore, it is, as mentioned, a private appointment-only studio accessed through a residential stairway meaning that, although visitors are welcome it is best to contact us first before coming along.

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Here are some photographs of the studio build from start to finish.



I would very much like to thank Splintr for the interior design concept, Bryden Firth Joinery, MS Flooring, Sorell Furniture, Sean Brown Plumbing and Heating , Ryan O’Malley Electrician and Keith Wood Painting and Decorating for all their hard work and fantastic service – these guys have been brilliant each and every one.

If you want to book in or for anything else please email:





Aussie Adventures

Ok folks I am so happy and honoured to have some more fantastic studios let me come along to do guest spots sorted out over here in Aussie please feel free to contact me with any enquiries about bookings etc either on here or email:

2013 as it goes…..

3-17th March – Splash of Colour, Rye
19-26th March – Seventh Circle, Brisbane
1-13th April – Korpus, Melbourne